Invasive Plant Species List

Invasive Plant Species List

Have you ever planted something that seemed like the perfect plant but after a few years you realize this plant has taken over your garden.  Whether the plant distributes what feels like a million seeds or sends out an abundance of runners, removing these plants will not be an easy task.


In our yard, we have burning bushes planted by the builder that built our home.  These shrubs have spread seeds all over our garden.  One year my husband offered my daughter 5 cents for each seedling she picked.   She picked 760 seedlings and made $38 that day.  If you look at the New Hampshire Prohibited Invasive Plant Species list, the burning bush was added to this list several years ago, for a good reason.


Thank you to our member Ray for the suggestion of adding this list to our website.  He ran across this list when doing some plant research.  You will find a copy of the 2017 list along with a few other informative links.


New Hampshire Prohibited Invasive Plant Species List

UNH Extension Invasive Plants Link

New Hampshire Department of Agriculture list of invasive Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Herbaceous Plants list of New Hampshire Prohibited Invasive Species