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January 18th meeting

January 18th meeting

There is no meeting in December.

Our January 18th meeting features a talk on North American orchids, including some from Canada, the swamps of Florida, as well as other US locations. In addition, if any of your members grow orchids and have culture questions, Jean will be happy to chat with them if they bring their plant in so she can actually see what they are growing. Jean is an accredited AOS (American Orchid Society) judge whose primary passion is for species orchids, and the habitats to which have adapted throughout the world. She enjoys traveling, photographing orchids and other plants and animals in nature, and meeting people from other cultures. North American travels have ranged from the Arctic in Canada to California, from New England and the Maritimes, from Arizona to the Florida swamps including extremely rare ghost orchids.

She has also spent several trips and many months in Costa Rica, Ecuador, New Zealand and Australia, all touring for orchids. Conservation of orchids means conservation of native habitats, a theme which permeates her talks.

Our meetings take place at Windham Town Hall, 3 North Lowell Street, Windham NH at 7:00 PM on January 18th 2017.