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Nesmith Children’s Garden

Nesmith Children’s Garden

The WGC was more than happy to support the Nesmith Library’s Children’s Garden project by building it’s activity structure! Well I don’t know what to call it:
Definition of pergola. 1 : arbor, trellis. 2 : a structure usually consisting of parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders and cross rafters.
Definition of gazebo. : a small building in a garden or park that is open on all sides.
Definition of pavilion for Students. 1 : a very large tent. 2 : a building usually with open sides that is used as a place for entertainment or shelter in a park or garden. What’s your opinion?


Carl, Ray, Bruce, Robin, Aberto, Su, Carolyn, Josie, Debbie C., Debbie D., and Siri! Alberto we need to tag Robert and your friend who were HUGE in helping!!!
And we hope you all join our club: )

And thank you J’aime for leading the charge!